contemporary Off Grid living at it's finest

The 4.8 acre site of towering trees was purchased in 2003. The owner was mesmerized by the filtered views of the lake, the ‘end of the road’ privacy and the ¼ mile of lake-front land all creating immeasurable peace and tranquility. Rollins Lake is part of the Nevada Irrigation District system (NID) who maintains lake and a strip of land all the way around the lake. For this particular property, the NID strip creates an additional space of land increasing the size to nearly 8 full acres of untouched beauty. For those who have a desire to live lake front and consider Lake Tahoe the panacea…this property is an hour closer to the bay area than Lake Tahoe and is an easy 11 minute drive off from Hwy 80. Lake front property at Tahoe commands a monumental price. In comparison, this property is nothing short of a bargain.

Not wanting to mar this pristine location, the seller waited for the perfect eco-friendly home plan that would enhance the integrity and beauty of the surroundings. His vision was to build a vacation retreat that would be chemical free and off-grid with an uncluttered outdoor oriented design.

This home was actually featured at the 2007 West Coast Green Conference in San Francisco. When the seller toured the home along with thousands of others who were visiting to learn more about sustainable, green living, he knew this was exactly the home he wanted. The design was conceived and built by a true visionary in sustainable design, award winning architect Michelle Kaufmann. The home embodies the best that green architecture has to offer with its warm, thoughtful, multi-functional design. It actually meets and exceeds the goal of creating a spacious, healthy, light filled home with minimal impact on the environment. It has also been awarded highly coveted “Build it Green’ and ‘Keep the Sierra Green’ certifications in the State of California.

The home was purchased practically on the spot at the Green Conference. In preparation for his new home he felled enough trees from the property to afford a vast filtered lake view, planed the trees into huge planks and built a massive deck pad. The home was then moved to the site where it was hoisted and installed on the wood pad. It has turned out to be one of the most stylish green homes on the planet. While it is only one bedroom and one bath, 725 square feet, it proves that in order to be green, you don’t need to build big; it is a true testament to thoughtful, smart design and is the perfect retreat for your vacation or rental spot...

The next step was to create and install all of the off-grid systems. The seller not only implemented off-grid power on the property, but also installed energy monitoring systems, greywater recycling and a catchment system to complete their passion for sustainability without forfeiting the natural magnificence. The result is an elegant, practical design which is now the gold standard for the off-grid movement in homes.

Through thoughtful, sustainable design and environmentally sound products, a home with minimal environmental impact has been created. This joyful spot is the perfect vacation get-away with incredible rental return!

‘If you need to learn how to breathe again, this place will teach you’.

A Star is Born!!! Rollins Lake Off Grid