The sellers appreciated the zen-like experience on one of the most pristine lakes in Nevada County, but also the experience that was created in their new retreat. They continue to call the home the Lotus Lake house. But to be more precise, it is now the Lotus Lake House on Rollins Lake!

The residence is a unique haven with one bedroom and bath, 725 square feet…but it feels so much larger. The space is cleverly designed with angled doors that divide spaces but do not block light. High ceilings and spacious, healthy, light filled rooms provide minimal environmental impact. It is a sleek, modern design, with cool welcoming tones that nurture the feeling of openness & connection with the natural landscape.

The most unique feature is the three sleek, modern walls that are composed of glass, called Nano Walls; these wall window/doors open accordion style all the way across, allowing the entire living space to open up to the outdoor decks and view beyond. The indoors blend seamlessly with spectacular outdoors and views beyond. Sit on the deck and enjoy the water activity on the lake during the summer, take a swim in the lake, or enjoy the home off season when it’s absolutely still. This home is ideal for an artists retreat, a romantic getaway or simply a quiet retreat from the hum of city life.

The home is built completely of earth-friendly products so it is perfect for people with chemical sensitivities and for those who want to support the environment in a most unique way.

The intoxicating spirit with which it is executed is particularly appropriate for California and the west, balancing the importance of a balance between humans & nature. It reminds us that individually, each person can make a difference in the world, collectively we can save it.



The Home; Intoxicating Spirit

contemporary Off Grid living at it's finest