contemporary Off Grid living at it's finest

Eco-Friendly, Green, ‘Off Grid’ Living!

This retreat is built entirely out of recycled or sustainable building materials. In addition, the construction of this home did not contribute to the destruction of rain forests or increase carbon dioxide; moreover, it drew the least from the earth’s natural resources.

The seller’s desire was to enhance this eco-friendly home with modern systems. As such, the total off-grid home was born. Sangha Engineering, one of the cutting edge companies in sustainable systems, engineered and installed all of the systems.

The power system to the home is an ingenious creation and very simple to operate. Power is run from photovoltaic solar panels which are installed on the roof of the battery storage room (which also doubles as a storage room). Due to the huge tree stand on the property, solar provides only part of the power needs. For this reason, when the computers sense power is low, a generator automatically turns on, which charges a series of batteries that are installed in the storage room. When the batteries are fully charged, the generator automatically turns off. The generator can be programmed to turn on and charge during a time of the day of your choosing, so as to protect the quietude of the lovely evenings, or when you are out enjoying all that Rollins Lake and Nevada County have to offer.

In addition, there is a highly efficient energy monitoring system, should you want to fully engage in your usage history. The monitoring system allows you to see the energy use at different times of the day and also during different times of the year and gives you the opportunity to adjust your system accordingly. This system is Green Point Rated 145.

Maximizing water resources efficiently is a key focus of this home. There is a water catchment system which captures rainwater and stores it for household usage. There is also a well that is used for domestic water.

In most homes, nearly half of indoor water use comes from flushing toilets and washing clothes. The Rollins View home has a ‘grey water system’ that filters water that runs down drains from the shower and sinks and reuses that water for the washing machine and toilet. The house introduces more water-saving measures with the installation of the dual flush toilet, low-flow shower head, faucets and the on-demand water heater.